Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A Brother's Love

About 21 years ago I made this Andy for my son Travis.
His face shows that he was well-loved....
and so does his heart. My daughter found him while she was looking for things for a garage sale she was having. When Travis was about 3 years old I threw away Brianna's Annie who had almost no hair left, was a quadruple amputee, and whose face was so worn out and had so many holes she was really becoming a hazard. Big mistake on my part. Travis (remember he's about 3 years old) gave Andy to Brianna so she wouldn't cry anymore and so here he is all these years later, still be treasured by his sister....
and wearing the old Annie's dress! It makes my heart happy when I see him. Travis has always been a very giving, loving child, and it's fun to have tangible proof of that love he has for his sister, especially since Travis used to carry Andy around and slept with him most nights before he gave him away. As you can tell, we're kind of a sentimental family and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


My Sewing Sanctuary

Upon entering my sewing room you'll notice Animal (of Muppet fame) hanging from the door. My granddaughters are scared of him and won't cross into the room while he hangs there so he's better than any lock I could put on the door!I also have my son's Hawaiian shirts and hat hanging on the door. The room is actually on loan to me from him while he's in Hawaii serving a mission for our church.This is an older picture of my cutting table. The drawers to the right are now under the table and a set of cubbies are where the drawers are in this picture. I got a fantastic deal on this table on clearance. It's bar height and the perfect height for a cutting table. It's so sturdy too that my rulers don't slip and slide while I try to cut. I have to work around his full-size bed but it's okay that it's cozy!
These are on the side of the cutting table now. I won the pillow in a blog give-away and it's perfect for my "beachy" sewing sanctuary.
Here are the cubbies. I love them! The top is a dresser top that I found on clearance. It has felt-lined drawers and is perfect for so many things!Here's a close up of the drawers. The picture on the left is one of my granddaughters at the beach in her swim suit! It fit the mood of the room.I love this sign on top of the drawers. It's so me and the names of my blogs.Some shells my son sent to me from Kauai. I love the beach and people send me sand from their beaches so you'll notice sand in many of the pictures also.

To the right and on the floor is an iron mark I made on the carpet when I dropped my iron. Sure hope my husband doesn't notice this! I plan on covering it up with the bed when my son gets home from his mission.The DVD player and other things sit to the side on my sewing table. This is the shelf above my sewing table. All pictures were taken by my son on his mission and I love them. They make me feel so calm and relaxed in my sanctuary....just the feel I was going for. The leis are what he was given when he first got to the island. I'm keeping them safe for him! The tiki was handcarved for him by someone he met in the islands. The detail is incredible on him and my son named him Gilligan!
This is my sewing table. I had it custom made and designed. The top is just a counter top but I had holes cut to run the electrical cords and foot pedal cords through for my convenience. The two tables under are night stands that I got a great deal on...on clearance of course! The sewing table is deep enough that I can have them under there and they don't bother my knees or feet at all. Last but not least, this is an ironing table I made. It sits in another room for now bz it's too big for this room. I only use it when I iron large quilt tops, table cloths, etc. so I don't mind it's in the room next door.

I just realized I didn't take pictures of the last wall in the room. I'll take pictures of that later and post it. It's mostly taken up by the closet but I have a short wall with some fun things on it that people have given me, so more to come later.

Thanks for stopping by to see my sewing room. I hope you come back to see me really soon!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011



I somehow missed putting this X-blocks quilt in the last post. I totally love the colors of this quilt and it's the first quilt I made that's geometric. I love using the X-blocks template for quilts and plan to do more quilts in the future.


Sunday, July 3, 2011


On Overview Of The Journey

I decided to do another sewing blog since I've been getting quite a few comments on my family blog to share more of my journey in piecing quilts and sewing.I didn't take my first piecing class until after my oldest daughter was married. One of the first quilts I pieced was this one for her new baby to be Savannah....(note the Minky green quilt on the table that was also Savannah's)...
a couple of years later I did Bailee's....and now I have one almost ready for the quilter for her new arrival Navie. Brianna loves the brown and other colors all thrown in to make it more scrappy.
I recently finished these pillowcases that I started 30+ years ago! I've used them and I really like how they turned out.
I have a love for Raggedy Ann and Andy that started long before I made these Halloween costumes for two of my kids.
I even made one for my first granddaughter and have plans to make them for the other two and each grandchild that comes along.
I once made a family of them for a dear friend.I made this wall hanging for my granddaughters and totally loved making it!
One year I made purses for my daughters and daughter-in-law.
I took this picture and didn't realize that it wasn't hanging right until after it had already been wrapped up for Christmas but you can tell by the other purses how it should look.
I tried to incorporate their favorite colors into the purses.I've been known to make fleece blankets for the grandkids favorite stuffed animals and even put their names on them!This is my favorite quilt that I've done for myself.More baby quilts using Minky. This one was for Bailee.I tried to reproduce an antique rag doll for a friend of mine. I like the loopy haired dolls better but this wig did make it look more like the original doll she loved so that's what mattered.A quick and easy quilt.I've done table toppers for myself and my mother-in-law.This "Flying Free" X-blocks wall hanging is one of my favorites.

Missionary Christmas stockings that won't load the right way so you have to cock your head to see them. Sorry.
Quick summer quilt out of Minky for my new granddaughter. The wind tends to blow around here a lot when I take pictures and the borders aren't really as wavy as they look.
Last but not least a quilt I did for my new daughter-in-law. She picked out the fabrics and I took a class to do it.
I also gave her this quilt when they got engaged. I love doing this pattern bz it's so much fun!

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