Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A Brother's Love

About 21 years ago I made this Andy for my son Travis.
His face shows that he was well-loved....
and so does his heart. My daughter found him while she was looking for things for a garage sale she was having. When Travis was about 3 years old I threw away Brianna's Annie who had almost no hair left, was a quadruple amputee, and whose face was so worn out and had so many holes she was really becoming a hazard. Big mistake on my part. Travis (remember he's about 3 years old) gave Andy to Brianna so she wouldn't cry anymore and so here he is all these years later, still be treasured by his sister....
and wearing the old Annie's dress! It makes my heart happy when I see him. Travis has always been a very giving, loving child, and it's fun to have tangible proof of that love he has for his sister, especially since Travis used to carry Andy around and slept with him most nights before he gave him away. As you can tell, we're kind of a sentimental family and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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