Friday, September 23, 2011


You Get What You Pay For

About six years ago after my first piecing class I bought a ton of fabric (backing and border fabric too) to make a king-sized quilt for my bed. I followed the directions precisely, even though I hate using 1/2 square triangles and prefer making them by sewing down 1/4 inch off center on each side of a square and then cutting it. I cut them all out and I made the inner squares, squaring them up with my long ruler. I thought they were square but then later I discovered square rulers and discovered how uneven they actually were. I put away the squares but had hundreds of these cut out 1/2 square triangles left that were supposed to go on the sashing. I put them away and saved them thinking that I'd probably never really use them.Many times I thought about throwing them out but I'm just too frugal for that. I finally decided to forgo the inner sashing and just sew together what I had into whatever size quilt it made. I had to cut off many, many star points to square up the blocks.Since the quilt was already imperfect I tried a new quilter who was advertising in the paper for 1/2 price long-arm quilting and this is what I got back....
tons of skipped stitches and the tension so loose on the back that a bungled border was easily unpicked. Can you see how loose the tension was at the top? She had puckered my outside border really bad (no pictures) and told me it was bz I'd stretched the borders when I put it on. I'm not the greatest at piecing so I thought maybe I had. When I got home though the border was so skeewampish that I knew it couldn't be "all" me so I unpicked it. Come to find out the borders weren't stretched at all and it bound evenly and nicely after I unpicked her stitching in it.This is a closeup before it was quilted....
as well as this one and.....
this one.
Here's the finished quilt. Not bad for a quilt who's blocks weren't going to be used. I've decided that it's worth waiting for my long-arm quilting lady to get mine done. Her work is far superior to my "half-price quilter" and the quilting won't come out so the quilt will last much longer. Lesson learned.


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