Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Standard Pillow-Sized Pillow Pets

For Christmas I made my grandkids these pillow pets (not called that on the pattern) from a pattern I bought many years ago and had never used. Am I the only one that does that?
They work as pillow shams that fit over a standard-sized pillow. The can be removed for easy cleaning or to replace the pillow. The heads are detachable and attach with Velcor. All fabric is minky or a Velor-type that I had in my stash. I only had to buy a little bit of brown for the lion's mane. The cow's body is made out of knit that I've had for about 20 years. After making him, I'd suggest using minky or Velor for all future pillow pets being made as the knit kept ripping when I tried to turn the tail and it just isn't as soft. The dinosaur whole body....
and close up.
I used Peltex around the face and in the spine to make them stand up and also for the claws.
The lion whole body....
and a close up of his face.
The yarn of his tail is sewn in securely so it won't come out.
The cow has a Velor snout and inside the ears....
but his main body is knit.
His legs and hooves and horns are minky. The tail is so short because it kept ripping when I tried to turn it. The lion tail was made of minky didn't rip at all when I turned it.

The best part is my granddaughters loved them! They like to switch the heads out and put them on other animals to create new animals! I'm so pleased to have used up old fabric that had been discarded from other projects or were from projects that never got started. Also, I'm pleased to have used a pattern that's been sitting here unused for so many years!

Cindy - these are absolutely amazing. I can't even imagine how much time they must have taken. I wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway. Would you mind e-mailing me so I can get you all the info that I need.

Thanks, and Congratulations!!!
Glad you got the fabric ok. They are super fast aren't they. YOur quilt below is amazing. I think I will be needing something similar when my boys go on missions. Especially since there will be three, one right after another. Man, the thought already makes my heart sad!
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