Sunday, October 14, 2012


Bobbin Covers

I found the most wonderful way to keep my bobbins from unreeling and causing chaos in my bobbin holder at Sew Many Ways!
First you need a length of flexible tubing (found in the plumbing aisle of the hardware store), a Sharpie marker, and either an old sharp pair of scissors or a utility knife.

Measure the inside of your bobbin.  I did this by lining it up next to the tubing.

 Mark the inside.
 Then cut the tubing to the desired length.
 After it's the width you want then cut through the tube on one side so you can slip it over the bobbin.
Slip it over the bobbin and you're done!  I like these because they allow me to still see the color of the thread and they keep the threads all inside.  
My bobbin case has never looked better!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sewing Reveal Part 2 (for snoopy Susan)

I have a sweet friend who wants close ups of some things that she saw in my sewing room so I decided to do a whole post and answer her questions as well as some other comments I got.  Please note that this room has been packed up for the most part to make room for my daughter's family who will be moving in with us tomorrow for a few months so I can't take any new pictures of anything I may miss here until I get my sewing room back.  

The first picture (above) shows my big scissors and the pink thing above it is a heart pin cushion my grandma Annie crocheted.  I was luck enough to get it after my mom passed away.  
 Susan's pretty astute.  This little guy wasn't pictured in the post.  Trav brought him back from Hawaii for my grandbabies to share.  A friend of his made the little guy. 
 I took a picture of him before they took him home bz I loved how creative she was with the fabric for him.  I never would have thought to use this fabric on a turtle.  I wish I had some of this fabric for something I've been working on for a Christmas gift.
 This was in a bag chock full of fabric and gift bags from Travis' other Ohana in Hawaii.  This is the second time she's sent me a bunch of bags and I love them all and use them to put projects in when I go fabric shopping!  She designs the bags and owns the company that sells them.
 Another lunch tote from the bags sent to me.  I had two of these in the bunch so I gave one to Savannah and she uses it as a church bag.
 For Heidi:  The cutting table seen at the back was a steal from RC Willey's Wild and Wacky Wednesday's. has this deal that goes on sporadically on Wednesdays and sometimes you can get a real bargain on some quality furniture.  It's a counter-height table that's wired for electricity (half of it pops up for a computer station complete with a phone jack).  I thought it was just a table when I bought it so I was surprised at this but it's really sturdy and the perfect height for cutting out fabric. The rolling cart below is from IKEA (Alex line) and holds my rulers, notions, etc.  Love it.  The sewing table is custom-made from a counter top store and designed by me.  Holed drilled in for my cords.  The legs are banquet table legs cut to ergonomically fit my height for comfortable sewing.
Table decoration bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby for Trav's homecoming dinner.
Part of my sand collection.
Clearance JoAnn's.  Not a green fan but they were out of the ocean blue ones.  They work well in the room.  For Rhonda:  Yes, I'm insanely organized.  When I decide what to put in them you can bet my lable maker will be out and they'll be labled!
 Clearance Hobby Lobby (homecoming) and more sand.
 A close-up of the afghan.  Larry's mom saves all her scraps from afghans and then makes random afghans.  When she has enough for each grandchild to pick one she gives each grandchild an afghan.  At the time she did this Kellianne was too little to pick her own so I picked one in colors I loved!  I've kept it stored for her all these years while she used another afghan her grandma made.  Right now Kellianne has an afghan she's using that's off-white that her grandma gives as wedding gifts and is in a small apartment so she's letting me borrow it.
 The shelf above the bed.  This area was supposed to have an ironing station with the big ironing board I made but Kaje' didn't take her bed with her, again no room in her apartment, and I've actually found that I like having a bed in the room so eventually I'll make a more beachy quilt for the bed from Camille Roskelly's fabrics that are my favorite colors ever....someday. Necklace is a lei that Trav's companion Elder G sent home for me when Trav came home for surgery half-way through his mission.  Beach and Paradise signs were bought at Sugar 'n Spice (local shop) a few years ago.  Hat was worn at our luau the final Sunday before Trav left on his mission.   Book made for me by my sweet niece Maryanne.
 Yes, my Precious Moments quilter's are in the room.  The Willow Tree quilt figurine from my friend Laurie is displayed too.
 Table is another W&W Wednesday buy from RC Willey.  I bought it for our deck but when I opened it saw that it needed to be in a covered patio to stay looking good and my deck is open to the sun so I saved it for my "beachy" sewing room and it fits in great with it's open slats like a picnic table for shelves.
 Bed, Bath, and Beyond clearance bathroom soap holder.
 Shelf 40% off at Michael's.  Tube is rock salt from far below the ocean in Hawaii.  Decorations for Trav's homecoming on here as well as the big clothes pin on clearance from JoAnn's.
 Thongs (flip flops to today's generation) are toothbrush holders, clearance from BB&Beyond.  Little sign next to it is from my friend Jessica.  Little bottles are sand from Nicholas' cruise.  Little midget tupperware has water from the Pacific Ocean from almost 18 years ago!  It's barely lost any water through all these years.  More sand.  Light bulb is from Hobby Lobby just because I thought it looked "inspirational" for ideas.  Tiki on the far left top shelf was brought home to me by Travis from his mission since I had fallen in love with his "Gilligan Tiki" that a friend of his in Hawaii carved for him. 
 "ME" chosen bz since high school I sign most things as "me."  The little cubby is IKEA and I have two of them that in the old room were butted together.  I had to separate them in this room.  The three-light is for extra light when cutting at night on the table.  Button on wall is from JoAnn's several years ago....wish I'd have bought a couple more in different colors and sizes.
 Quilted Bear years and years ago.
 The dresser top on the window seat drawers was RC Willey W&W Wednesday that used to sit on the two cubbies butted together.  The beach pillow was won in a give-away several years ago and is burlap.  Love it.
 Yes, this is a Pepe Le Pew skunk, good eye Susan!  Cute story that I'll blog about on my other blog some day.  Sea shells in front with the bobbing head turtle in the glass jar.  Pictures are ones Trav took on Kauai and Oahu on his mission. 
 Pottery pencil holder thingy Trav made in middle school or high school.  I'm a sentimental sap and have lots of things my kids made through the house.
Another long story that reminds me of my Achievement Day Girls calling I had in our church.  The story isn't funny unless you were there and loses something in the translation but it makes me smile and think of those sweet girls when I see it.  They're almost all married now with kids of their own.  Best calling in the church!
 Oops, uploaded twice and can't seem to delete it.  The zipper isn't bonging out on this picture, lol!
 Clock says "Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of each day" and was a $5.00 clearance item at Deseret Book.  I bought a black one for the front room too.
 Address book made out of handmade paper that Trav brought me from his mission in Hawaii. 
Finally, this little quilt is about 36" x 36".  It will be hung by simple wooden hanger from a guy I bought my quilt ladder from on the TV wall.  The other quilt Susan asked about isn't shown on purpose.  It will hang above the cutting table and is about 40" x 40".  I designed it and it means a lot to me so I won't show any pictures of it until it's back from the quilter's, bound, and hung.  Patience Susan, patience! 

Along with putting pieces that remind me of what matters most (my family) I went for a beach feel in this room bz that's my favorite place to be in the whole world.  The sounds, sights, smells, and feel of the beach give me peace and inspiration and I wanted that feeling in my sewing room.  For me, it was a mission accomplished. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


New Sewing Room Reveal

Many years ago we redid Kellianne's room for ther 14th birthday.  I let her choose the colors.  She chose the black and white checkerboards for the bottom and hot pink for the top.  I can't find my other pictures of the room but this old picture of Kaje' gives you and idea of what it looked like.  It was dang cute for a teenager and she never tired of it. 
All the trim and doors were painted black (ignore the junk behind it!).
After three coats of primer and three coats of paint they look so much better!  The black just sucked the light out of the room.
 Back to the room.  Let's start in the closet. 
Hung the hooks for their purses and such and it works great for my things now.
Pillows from her room are to be recovered at a later date.  They're still fluffy and so they can be reused later.  EDIT:  These shelves weren't put in for my sewing room.  They were put in when we built the house and set to fit storage totes for the kids toys.  You're right Susan, they fit the new totes in there perfectly side by side but it wasn't planned that way 17 years ago!
 I'm lucky to have a good-sized walk-in closet for my supplies.

The view below is from the doorway.
The walls are tan and not yellowy at all like the pictures look on my monitor.
 I still love this cutting table.

The door leading to the hall is below.
 This quilt is to go on the wall above the TV but is still at the quilter's.

 The window seat has large deep drawers (my kids used this as a dresser).  The afghan on top is stolen/borrowed from Kaje' (her grandma made it) until I can get my topper done that I have designed in my head.  Love the colors of it for my room.  The top drawers were on top of my cubbies in my old sewing room and was a great find.  It's supposed to go on top of a dresser.
 This little wall is between the window seat and the closet.

Love this "flip flop" bucket I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. 
This room is truly heaven on earth for me and makes me smile just looking at it!

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