Tuesday, October 2, 2012


New Sewing Room Reveal

Many years ago we redid Kellianne's room for ther 14th birthday.  I let her choose the colors.  She chose the black and white checkerboards for the bottom and hot pink for the top.  I can't find my other pictures of the room but this old picture of Kaje' gives you and idea of what it looked like.  It was dang cute for a teenager and she never tired of it. 
All the trim and doors were painted black (ignore the junk behind it!).
After three coats of primer and three coats of paint they look so much better!  The black just sucked the light out of the room.
 Back to the room.  Let's start in the closet. 
Hung the hooks for their purses and such and it works great for my things now.
Pillows from her room are to be recovered at a later date.  They're still fluffy and so they can be reused later.  EDIT:  These shelves weren't put in for my sewing room.  They were put in when we built the house and set to fit storage totes for the kids toys.  You're right Susan, they fit the new totes in there perfectly side by side but it wasn't planned that way 17 years ago!
 I'm lucky to have a good-sized walk-in closet for my supplies.

The view below is from the doorway.
The walls are tan and not yellowy at all like the pictures look on my monitor.
 I still love this cutting table.

The door leading to the hall is below.
 This quilt is to go on the wall above the TV but is still at the quilter's.

 The window seat has large deep drawers (my kids used this as a dresser).  The afghan on top is stolen/borrowed from Kaje' (her grandma made it) until I can get my topper done that I have designed in my head.  Love the colors of it for my room.  The top drawers were on top of my cubbies in my old sewing room and was a great find.  It's supposed to go on top of a dresser.
 This little wall is between the window seat and the closet.

Love this "flip flop" bucket I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. 
This room is truly heaven on earth for me and makes me smile just looking at it!

Oh Cindy...what a fabulous job you did on the room!!! I know having Kaje' gone is not easy but you have this special space now that she is grown and married. I love the colors you used and how you arranged it all. AND that cutting table is to die for! Where did you find that? Just being in this space will give you a creative kick. Enjoy!

Hugs from Holland ~
Cindy, Your sewing room is so pretty! I love the wall color! Great soothing color! And that storage closet ...now that is a blessing and a half!!! And you are so organized! I need you to come help me in that department! ha! :) Love your touches of the beach, too! This is just a wonderful, and charming space to create! Love it all!
I love your new room. You did a great job. I'm sure you will spend many happy hours working on your quilts and very special dolls. (I know, I have a special doll from you)
You sure are lucky to have the walk in closet for storage. My things are in the room in plastic rolling bins. Have fun in there.
My comment dissapeared?? ( where is spell check it's 5am and I can't think. ) ha!

Ok. Love the room. The colors, the scissors, all your special tocuhes. It's so organized and the closet...oh my! Love it. The"ME" has been a long time favorite of mine. =)

Will e-mail and update soon. Miss you!

Hugs, Me.
I am jealous of that walk in closet....sure helps to keep a cleaner room with one....
Wow. Your room looks so neat! Very fun and inviting. Bet you can't wait to get it set up again.
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