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December 21, 2012


The New House

I bought this pattern years ago when my own girls were little but had never made it because it had intimidated me!  I decided now that I had granddaughters the time had come to make it with their help, lol!

 Love the windows and the vinyl on them.
 The door with the mail slot and oversized flowers.
 I changed the flowers from the applique ones it called for.  These are more 3-dimensional and fun.
 Inside the dolls have their own little beds and pillows.  The other side has curtains on the windows but I neglected to take a picture of that.
 Behind the dolls is a pocket.  I found the perfect-sized tote to go in there...
 and here it is.
 It holds crayons and coloring books.
 I looked all over for a hard holder for the crayons so they wouldn't get broken and finally found this one at a local upscale kitchen store.  It holds a 24-pack perfectly.
 The pattern has patterns to make bears or bunnies but I found these Disney dolls that were the perfect size and couldn't resist.  I have three granddaughters who go to church with me so this worked out perfect!
 I keep the accessory pieces in a Ziploc inside the pocket.

 The pattern called for a tree and swing set on the back but I switched it out and made up a castle to go there since I have princesses inside!
 A close up of the castle.
 Here's my granddaughter on Sunday taking it to church.  It was an overcast day so I'll have to get a better picture later, plus she was freezing!  this bag is only to be played with at Sacrament meeting so it keeps the toys nice and new to them.  I'm excited about the way it turned out and more importantly my granddaughters love it!  The memories we made sewing it together are priceless.

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