Friday, August 8, 2014


Raggedy Annie Door Stop

In the continuing quest to use up patterns and supplies that I already have I finished another project.  This Raggedy Annie doorstop is a pattern I bought quite a few years ago and I love how she turned out. 

I tried something new and didn't go with the usual red color for the nose and mouth, instead I used a rust thread.  At first I didn't like how it turned out but when the Annie got all her hair and was clothed I loved it!

I found buttons that match the dress (even though they look a little funky-colored in the picture due to a shadow).  I even put a pocket on the apron that doesn't show up in the picture (right side under her arm).  On the pocket I appliqued a polka dot heart out of the dress fabric.  She's weighted down with crushed walnut shells so she's heavy enough to hold the door open if a slight breeze comes along.  I'm happy to have another finish done...especially in my favorite color of orange!

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